Hello, my name is Asami. Born and raised in sunny Southern California, I grew up learning how to appreciate various cultures in a diverse community. My designs are inspired by "bold" American and "delicate" Japanese cultures. I have worked as a Web Programmer/Web Designer + Translator for a few years in Tokyo, ten years in New York City, and five years in the Bay Area, CA. As I work toward creating and designing things that I love, I currently live in the Boston area as a freelance Illustrator. While I love working digitally, I also love to illustrate with good old-fashioned pen and paper. When I create my work, I place a great deal of weight on adding organic and handcrafted elements! I always look for inspiration and focus on doing the things I love.

I have worked on various projects for large (such as Shiseido, FujiXerox and more - including corporate and social events) to small businesses (through Etsy), from websites to graphic design + illustration projects that can be found here. Aside from this work, I am currently a web + graphic designer for the product Card De Open. You can find my blog or my non-commercial illustration portfolio or Instagram. Also, you can see my past work and inspirations on Pinterest.


If you'd like to say hello or commission work, please get in touch! I look forward to working with you.


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さわやかな風と光が注ぐ南カリフォルニアで生まれ育ち、現在は夫と娘達とボストンに暮らし、日本を行き来しています。東京で翻訳と通訳、ウェブサイトのプログラミングとデザイン を数年間しておりました。その後、ニューヨークのパーソンズのデザイン科で学び、ウェブ・グラフィックデザインの仕事をしていました。約10年間ニューヨークで過ごし、北カリフォルニアのベイエリアに引っ越しをキッカケに、少しずつイラストの仕事にシフトしてまいりました。時間と共に自分の創造性や情熱と言ったものが変わってきているのを感じています。特に娘達が私の世界に加わって来た事で世界観も随分変わりました。家族と過ごし、その中で見つけた思わず「クスッ」と笑ってしまうような事を大切にしています。








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